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7 Warning Signs Your Drywall Needs an Urgent Replacement


Drywall is a popular building material among property owners because it’s easy to install, durable, and affordable. It’s also an attractive and fire-resistant option for high-traffic areas. Moreover, it only requires minimal maintenance. 

If you have a property with drywall, you may wonder how long this building material can last and determine when it needs repairing or replacing. While you can quickly repair minor drywall damages like small holes and cracks with DIY kits, you must hire a professional contractor for installation or replacement.

Here are seven warning signs your drywall needs an urgent, professional replacement. We’ll also tackle other potential drywall disasters to remember. 

1. Bulges 

Your drywall may suffer from water damage if you notice bulges, bumps, or bubbles. While you can temporarily fix these issues with painting or patching, we still recommend calling a professional to replace the area. That way, you can prevent the problem from escalating into a more expensive mistake.

2. Cracks 

A cracked drywall can occur because of an incorrectly placed seam. While you can quickly repair minor cracks, significant damages may need complete replacements because they could affect the wall’s stability. 

Never try to fix the cracks yourself because it can cause further damage to the wall. Instead, let a professional remove the old drywall and replace it with a new one. 

3. Discoloration

Moisture can affect your drywall, especially if you live in humid climates. It can lead to discolored and sagging walls and ceilings. Neglecting this issue can lead to mold and mildew growth, creating an unattractive and unhealthy home environment for the residents. 

You should replace the drywall if you didn’t eliminate the source of the moisture. Otherwise, you’ll be replacing it repeatedly. 

4. Holes 

Besides being unsightly, holes can negatively impact your drywall’s structural integrity. Sometimes, you can quickly repair small drywall holes yourself or ignore them. However, gaps wider than five inches need urgent replacement. You should also call your drywall contractor immediately if you spot multiple small holes in a confined area because it can weaken the wall’s strength. 

5. Mold 

These harmful organisms can thrive in warm and moist areas. These conditions can cause mold to spread throughout the home, seeping through the wall’s interior and breaking the plaster’s organic material. Besides making your home look unkempt, it can also result in health and safety issues. Moreover, it can even cause death if someone inhales them in high concentrations. 

You can avoid this expensive mistake by finding ways to reduce moisture levels at home and try to keep the environment dry. 

6. Splinters 

These damages rarely occur in drywall because manufacturers create this material from plaster, a component that doesn’t break into tiny pieces. 

Many contractors install plywood to replace drywall. You should change the panels with fresh drywall immediately once the material starts flaking because it indicates it’s beginning to deteriorate and is no longer secure. 

7. Water Damage 

Neglecting wet walls at home can lead to mold, bacteria, and allergen growth. Water damage can also pose a severe health hazard to your property. You must immediately let a professional contractor replace the affected drywall if you notice any water damage on your walls. Directly acting on it can protect your home from expensive mistakes and keep everyone safe. 

Other Potential Drywall Disasters to Remember

Besides the warning signs, you must also watch out for potential drywall disasters. These unfortunate events include earthquakes, termite infestations, and foundation settling, which can ruin the drywall’s structural integrity. Additionally, contractors recommend replacing your drywall to improve home insulation and reduce noise. 


Drywall remains a favorite among many homeowners because of its benefits. Knowing when to repair or call a contractor to replace it can help prevent expensive mistakes and preserve structural integrity. 

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